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Providing engineering and repair solutions using our highly qualified team

SeaTec Inspection Services

Providing engineering and repair solutions using our highly qualified team

SeaTec specialises in inspections. We inspect vessels and class records. Our reports are reported by our clients to be the finest in the world.

Our clientele includes Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Financial Institutions, Ship Brokers, Underwriters and P&I Clubs.

Vessel inspections services are covered under the following Key domains:
• Pre-Purchase inspections
• Condition inspections
• Pre and Post Finance inspections
• Pre-Vetting Inspections
• Scrap voyage assessment inspections
• Casualty and Damage Investigations
• P&I Inspections
• Flag State Inspection
• Class Record Inspections
• Off hire and On hire Surveys

The Pre-Purchase inspection is generally the most exhaustive and usually lasts two days. A detailed inspection scope is provided prior to the inspection, which may be supplemented by special areas of concern or client’s needs.

Class records are inspected by our team, followed by a detailed report, along with copies of relevant extracts from the records.

We have honed inspection skills to an art, using high tech tools and extensive use of a web based delivery, to ensure that the client receives a high quality report, reflecting the true condition of the vessel in a most exhaustive manner, with the optimum turnaround time in the industry.

The entire report, with pictures and video is securely posted on the web for viewing by the client from office, home or various offices.

We go a step further after you buy the vessel. We can provide you with an engineering and repair solution using our highly qualified engineering and repairs team. Contact us for this superior solution.

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