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Thermal Imaging & Vibration Analysis

Thermal Imaging & Vibration Analysis

All electrical systems, equipment and components deteriorate when in use

Thermal imaging

All electrical systems, equipment and components deteriorate when in use. This may present in many forms, for example, parts can become worn and insulation can begin to break down, joints and connections can become loose or corroded.

In a mechanical thermal survey, faults can be detected on overheating and overloaded motors, or heat created through friction from worn bearings.

Routine maintenance and monitoring cannot always detect the deterioration of electrical systems or their loading conditions.

When a system is in use, faults can be easily detected with the use of thermal imaging equipment. This allows faults to be diagnosed and appropriate action to be taken to avoid any unscheduled shutdown of plant or accidents can occur. 

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis allows early problem detection in rotating machinery; it can identify component faults - such as defective bearings & misalignment in equipment such as: gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, pumps, etc. And enable you to take maintenance action before a failure.

  • It reduces down time: System shutdowns are not required during a survey
  • It saves money: Early fault detection allows for corrective action to be planned and carried out avoiding unscheduled downtime
  • It is a totally non-invasive process: No interference with the equipment under inspection
  • It reduces the potential for serious health and safety issues to occur:      Early detection of problems will reduce the potential for injury to staff and risk of fire.

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