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Engine Performance

Engine Performance

On board ship, regular monitoring of the engine and generator performance is important

On board ship, regular monitoring of the engine and generator performance is important, to check the performance of the engine from time to time so as to ascertain working condition and fault finding.  Our on-board engine performance tests protect you from costly downtime by implementing predictive maintenance.

Engine performance tests helps you to balance the cylinder load, optimize injection timing and detect worn or damaged engines components and thus to reduce the engines operating cost.

Balancing the cylinder load extends the engine life, increases efficiency and reduces emissions to assist with environmental compliance.

Proper ignition timing reduces the exhaust gas temperature and the rate of excess carbon build-up.


  • Reduced maintenance costs - targeted maintenance at the areas requiring allows disturbance of engine components that are performing normally to be minimised.
  • Improved performance - receiving accurate pressure readings and cylinder power calculations allows the performance of injectors and combustion to be monitored for potential improvements
  • Reduced fuel consumption - engine balancing and tuning can be achieved and maintained, resulting in greater efficiency engine running and consequent fuel saving
  • Reduced emissions through combustion optimization

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